Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Body My Mind And My Soul

My Body Is Always Here With Me.. How About My Mind.. I if they all can talk.. They will say like this

Mind Say..

Hey Im Not In Your Upper Part Of Body.. Im Stuck Here In Your Dream About Future... Im working hard to make your dream come true.. But Where Is Your Soul?? Its been a while since i've seen it...

Soul Say..

Hey Dont Forget about me.. Im here in someone heart.. Try To knock it until it opened wide.. Until the believe is there.. Until it can accept me...

Body Say..

I hope i can be like U.. I Just following this creature to do what Mind Say.. And His heart will... Im already tired with it..

Heart Say...

Do U think Im Happy?? I got so much feeling in this person.. All Mixed Up and make me dizzy to say what it feel.. I wish i could be like eyes.. They Look so calm..

Eyes said..

We are always soaking wet.. There was a joy and the tears fall.. Sadness come.. And The tears came down.. We may look calm but the truth is we just work like the pump...

Currently not in the mood... Wish U were here and bring me your shoulder.. Theres a lot of thing to share.. Theres a lot of story to be heard..

P/s : Baru Lepas tengok windstruck... "If I Go Before I.. I Wish I Could Be The Wind That Always With U" hahaha


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