Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Every Tuesday is a hard day for me in this semester.. My Class start from 9am and non stop until 3pm... But that is just one challenge that i will face to get my dip this semester.. And Today.. I got a big fight with some of my house mate.. The Story begin when i was too exhausted and feel free to get some nap when im arrive at home.. After i open that filthy sliding door.. And "Poof " i can see my living room situation just like there was an atomic bomb that being detonated in it.. Sighs....

It Just take me about 2 minutes to calm down but then... I Saw BUBU's Head were full with ants and there was a little bit of peanut butter on it.. On the other side i saw there was a loaf of bread that not been tight up after somebody ate that.. Not Just that there was a can of milk and a glass of milo that spilled on the floor... Can U Just imagine that?? those thing just about 4 to 5 inches from my friends bed and he just can enjoy his nap...

I Started to shout and yelling all around to all of my house mate... one Of them Say " eh Kau Macam Mak Aku La... Paham-paham la ni rumah bujang"... Damn!! I Bet that your mother also on her nerves to teach u how to live in a tidy and neat house... No wonder that u can sleep near to a plastic bag of bread that full with ants.. U Can Live in a smelly and unserviced room.. Just Take My Middle Finger Dude..

Hey!!! I dont even care how u have been thought in your life but... Just want To Say This "If u cant clean it... so dont mess it".. I Know That this is a house that full with boys.. But cant u just dont make a brutish mess that will cost me trouble..

Im Not a very neat person.. But i just cant live in a house that look like a dumpsters.. So i have to clean it personally.. And till now i cant take a simple nap.. Hurm...

P/s : Currently thinking about what Mr Ng Ya Chin Told me last 2 year.. "Its Better To Have A Small Home Than A Big House"..

Sorry fellas.. But my internet connection were too poor to have a good blog marathon... Thanks For Reading Chiowdos!!!