Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lazy Lizard..

Just now someone call me and say that she have a bad dream about me.. "U Died In An Accident".. She said.. After that dream she suddenly woke up shocked and dial my number... Dear U are such a concern girl and i just can give u a thousand thanks... Her dream make me thinking about myself.. Am I ready to Die?? And my answer is... No.. Theres A lot of thing that not done well.. Prayer?? Not well performed.. Repent?? Not Done.. If I die today can i answer the angel question to me?? Maybe no...

Without any preparation i think i may say like this when the angel ask me... "Ma Rabbuqa"... I say "Hantam Mana Suka"... Dear God i try hard to be good.. But the fact is there.. Im not good enough to meet U now..

Hurm.. Im currently miss all my friends In Kl.. Hope to see u all Soon.. ( what A Gay Statement).. My life would be empty without u All dude.... Miss all the thing that we have done together.. This song make me feel all of u were beside me.. Cant wait to see ya..

Theres nothing left to write.. Just Want To Say... THANKS for visiting...