Friday, January 22, 2010

Not On The Mood

I attracted to a phrase "Life Is Just An Incomplete Thing That Make Us To Do Things That we Dislike To Survive". I keep thinking about this phrase deeply and i admit that this phrase have it own logic.. Human just keep doing things for some reason and the root of all creepy reasons are to survive in this tragic life....

Im sure that these persons will agree me if they were reading this entry.. After reading their post.. I was telling myself "Hey.. U are not the only one that feel it" (I hope they dont mind if i publish their link in this post).. Just Click to this name to know their story.. ANA, CharMiea, zareyLLYA

As a normal human we just keep planning something and trying hard to make it works.... And the rest just leave it to Lord.. I dont like to study but i have to in order to survive.. A lot of people dont like their Job.. But They need money... So they have to work in order to survive.. Theres so many thing that we dislike but we have to do it.. Just for the sake of our life..

Maybe it sounds too harsh but... Dude.. is there a women that can love u if u dont have any asset?? Come on Girls.. dont Be Hypocrite just tell them the truth... Can U live without eating?? can u live without apparels?? So in order to have a better life... We have to work hard and do anything even things that we dont like. No money no love....

So long Bloggers... Chiowdos!!!


Na! said...


we have to crawl
untill we can walk again
And we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
And we'll fly
Until there is no end.

think it.

RoSe_ViOleTE said...

love and assets
maybe it's love, but need to leave it with full of regrets bcoz of assets.


"life is just an incomplete thing that make us to do things that we dislike to survive"

*suke quote nie*

piNky LuCiA said...

kehidupan kita sebenarnya senang.. jangan menyusahkannya.. =)

Railey said...

Na... All Things Have It End.. So Do Us... The End Is Death.. Huhuhu

Rose.. Thanks..

Pinky... Yeah.. Betul.. Tapi Banyak cabaran Kan??

piNky LuCiA said...

biasalaa dunia penuh ngan cabaran.. hehe